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“World Peace 2014 - 2040” is the desired state of the world to be achieved by the year 2040.  It is a goal to be achieved through a disciplined and dedicated approach by all the citizens and leaders of the world. 


The action plan to achieve this goal is the brainchild of Sonal, Anjali and Amar Ambani and consists of an elaborate art installation and a letter campaign urging all the leaders of the world to follow a simple pledge – a simple commitment to let peace have a chance to break out and enable the modern world as we currently know it to reap the peace-dividend. 

Action Plan 

In concept this is simple – when we decide to run a marathon, we start by running one kilometer the first day and gradually increase the distance each day thereafter, slowly building up our stamina, until eventually we reach the goal of 42 kilometers - the length of the marathon. 

In a similar fashion, we Anjali (Class of Yale 2014) and Amar Ambani (Class of Sevenoaks, UK 2012), on behalf of the children of this world and the inheritors – for better or worse – of this strife torn world will appeal to all the leaders of the world to pass the proposed UN Resolution. 

All that we, the children, ask our leaders is to take baby steps towards peace and gradually increase the commitment over the years.  If we all follow the regime then we can reach our goals by the year 2040.  The concept is as follows:

Beginning in 2014 the heads of the respective countries, pledge to declare peace for the first day of each month that year and one more day each month, in progression, as the year goes by.

  • In the year 2014 the 1st day of each month will be World Peace Days. That is Jan 1,Feb 1,March 1,… Dec 1 will be World Peace Days. That is 12 Peace Days in 2014.

  • In the year 2015 the 1st and 2nd day of each month will be World Peace Days. That is Jan1 & 2,Feb 1 & 2,March 1 &2,…Dec 1 & 2 will be World Peace Days.  That is 24 Peace Days in 2015.

What does a Peace Day mean? It means if you are a midst of a war, you will agree to a ceasefire on those days. If this progression is carried on till 2040 then by that time we will have 365 days of Peace.

To present World Peace 2040 to the United Nations in September 2013.

We will affiliate ourselves with the UN and the World Economic Forum (to be followed by the World Peace Forum)

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