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“WorldPeace 2014 - 2040” – An Art Installation:

The underlying message of the art installation is that – all of us have to make a conscious choice – 'War or Peace' – in war we end up hurting each other – physically, morally and economically.  We kill each other by wasting our resources in fighting each other rather than fighting FOR each other! We all are responsible for the leaders that we elect and therefore the choices our leaders make and it is we who have to urge our leaders to choose “Peace” over war.  The art installation consists of:

  1. A custom commissioned painting with the theme 'War or Peace' (10’ x 4’)

  2. 7 'Heads of Peace' in stone on a wood table – The 'Heads' epitomizes peace, stone reflects the hardened attitudes of this world towards each other, the wooden table represents that these hardened attitudes stand on foundations that are mould-able – just like our attitudes. The football represents the power of sport to promote teamwork and unity on the sports field.

  3. One glass panel on the left with the inscription 'War or Peace' in 36 languages

  4. One glass panel on the right with the inscription 'The choice is yours' in 36 languages

  5. Music of Peace, songs played in the Background / or live band or orchestra

  6. 7 scented candles in front of the 'Heads of Peace'

  7. Footballs

  8. Signature book, next to the installation for children / citizens to sign, which says we support WorldPeace2040 OR If connection available or a wireless Laptop which goes right to the website worldpeace2040.com to sign their names.

An Art Installation: In Detail

1)   The Painting:  The background 10’x4’ painting depicts all that is natural in the world birds, flowers, animals; they have no borders and they move freely from one country to another.  The only item in the painting that is manmade is a bright red barbed wire. All the other colours are soft and peaceful, blues, greens and yellows. The pigeon (in the center) symbolizes the ideals of peace and harmony among citizens, always living together with other residents as friends or neighbors. The custom commissioned painting is done by the award winning artist Nabibakhsh Mansoori.


2)   'Heads of Peace’:  The heads symbolize our original true nature, the same nature as that of ALL human beings. All children are born natural and pure with only thoughts of love. The heads also symbolize Wisdom and Compassion which are complementary as we need both.


The 7 heads are in one line, the central figure symbolizes all of humanity as we all have an “inner peaceful soul”. In a war or conflict we think we are killing each other but in the end for each person that dies, a bit has been taken from each one of us.


Three heads stand on the right hand side. The first is wearing a cowboy hat depicting the American, next to him is the Arab wearing the traditional white headdress the Ghutra with an Ogal and next to him is a Israelis with a traditional Yamaka.


Three further heads stand on the left hand side. The first is wearing a Nehru cap depicting the Indian, next to him the Chinese wearing his traditional hat and then the African with their traditional head dress. The hats are symbolic but any country can be represented.


3)   Left glass panel:  The words 'War or Peace' inscribed in 36 major languages of the world.  The inscriptions are attached herewith.


4)   Right glass panel:  The words 'The Choice is Yours' inscribed in 36 major languages of the world.  The inscriptions are attached herewith.


5)  Background music:  Soft and peaceful serenades performed by the sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar – recipient of “Founding Ambassador For Global Amity Award” on 15 May 2006  "In recognition of a lifetime of profound and enduring achievement that richly resonates within our world's cultural heritage and instills greater harmony and goodwill among all people shaping our global future."


6)   Scented candles:  The candles symbolize wisdom and brightness illuminating the darkness of ignorance- a single lit candle can illuminate a room that has been dark for a thousand years. The candle also represents the act of giving as it gives of itself so that others may see. The scent symbolizes purity, simplicity, humility, strength and divine hope. The two center lotus candles inspire humanity to excel to new heights.


7)   Footballs:  It may be possible to solve more of the World's problems through teamwork, as on the sports field, rather than with armies on a battlefield.


8) The Signature book:  The first page of the book has a copy of the letter sent to the world leaders the balance is for signatures of children & citizens – pledging their support.


World Peace 2014 - 2040 Art Installation Progression


Red Barbed Wire: Every 4 years twelve percent of the red barbed wire will be removed until there is no trace in the year 2040.


Pigeon: There is a figure of a pigeon and every four years, twelve percent of it will be painted white so that it eventually turns into a dove by the year 2040.

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